Our mission is to provide exceptional dance training in a positive and family oriented atmosphere. Our professionally trained instructors offer excellent training in an encouraging and supportive environment, inspiring their students so they continue to love dance and gain confidence in class, on stage or in their everyday life.

We have a program for each type of dancers from the ones who wish to take dance classes weekly as an after school activity or for those who wants to take dance to the next level.

For younger dancers, we offer classes in tap, jazz, ballet, hip hop and creative move with a perfect balance of structure and fun to develop a lifelong love of dance.

For our youth dancers, we offer classes in jazz, ballet, modern and hip hop. Class are design to motivate dancers through technique and discipline and to teach them skills they need to progress.

For our adult dancers, we offer classes in Jazz, Modern and Hip Hop just for them! We do not mix our adult and our teens as we know they have different expectations.

We strive to offer a remarquable customer service. We are using current technologies to communicate in a very efficient way, so our customers are happy but we strive to treat all our customers on a personal basis, spending time on the phone if needed or chatting with them at the studio when dropping off or picking up their children.

Harmony Dance Center is one big dance family and we want all our customer to feel they are part of it. We look forward to you joining our dance family at Harmony!