Aikido Silicon Valley


Aikido Silicon Valley is rooted in the belief that a martial art does not have to be a violent and destructive force to be an effective self-defense. The Aikido principles of harmony, blending with adversity, and leading a conflict to an appropriate resolution, makes Aikido applicable to physical conflict as well as daily life.

  • Learn skills for self-defense and for the defense of others
  • Improvement physical health, confidence, discipline and awareness
  • Continuous development of personal character and self-improvement

The word Aikido (合気道) is made of three characters. Ai (合) translates to harmonize or unite. Ki (気) translates to spirit or energy. Do (道) translates to road or path. Together, Aikido translates to the “Way of Harmonious Energy” and is an expression of universal peace and reconciliation.

More than just a self-defense, benefits of Aikido training include improvements in discipline, awareness, physical health and personal character. The unification of Aikido principles, body and spirit make Aikido a pure budo.


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