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US Squash is the national governing body and membership organization for the sport of squash in the United States.


US Squash’s mission is to lead squash’s growth and development by increasing access and awareness, supporting meaningful lifelong engagement in the sport, and encouraging sportsmanship while achieving competitive excellence at the highest levels.

US Squash: Building the Best

US Squash’s mission is to be the best: to help squash realize its full potential—with far-ranging impact — and in pursuing this mission, we:

  • Achieve competitive excellence at the highest levels
  • Promote sportsmanship, character and fitness – through the sport Forbes named the “world’s healthiest”
  • Increase access and awareness
  • Support meaningful lifelong engagement
  • Build a stronger squash community.

Driving Squash Forward… at Every Level: US Squash works to drive every facet of squash forward at every level:

  • Junior development to elite players
  • Scholastic and college squash
  • Urban squash to adult leagues, and
  • Among professionals, coaches, officials and administrators.

A member of the U.S. Olympic Committee and the Pan American and World Squash Federations, we serve as the sport’s officially designated national governing body and its most forceful advocate. In that role, we:

  • Select, organize and fund all Team USA Squash competition internationally
  • Provide direct financial support to the best American athletes
  • Ensure the availability of training, development, certification and continuing educational - -
  • opportunities
  • Invest in the necessary infrastructure to support the growth and development of the sport
  • Advocate for and create opportunities for junior and adult participants
  • Recognize leaders in the community who demonstrate the qualities the sport values, and
  • Honor the game’s special history.


US Squash’s vision is to be the best national sports governing body in the United States. In pursuing this aspiration, we envision people of all ages, abilities and backgrounds across the country enjoying squash, playing the game with a positive spirit, and participating in programs that foster camaraderie, facilitate competition and encourage healthy lifestyles. We create and promote opportunities to become part of an ever-broadening squash community, one widely known to value excellence, diversity, fair-play and sportsmanship. We continually invest in the development of the sport to sustain growth, broaden access, and we embrace innovation. We support teaching professionals and coaches in their effort to engage and mentor players during their lifelong involvement in the sport. We operate the world’s preeminent squash facility serving as a national center of excellence and provide all the resources required to train and coach elite athletes who excel in competition and proudly represent their country.

Scholar Athlete Award available. Visit our website for details.


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