What is Rock-it Science?

Imagine a science teacher who's laid back and whimsical, who entertains kids with crazy fractured-fairytale stories, and then lets them experiment hands-on with all kinds of materials and equipment as well as fire, electricity, chemistry, and explosions.

That's Rock-it Science!

Mission Statement

Our mission is to develop children’s enthusiasm for science, and to develop the higher order thinking and problem solving skills necessary for both academic and real world success in socioeconomically disadvantaged youth. Rock-it Science provides this through a combination of storytelling and inquiry-based hands-on experiments.


Rock-It Science has over 25 years of achievement in sparking young people’s enthusiasm and ability to learn science successfully. Since 1987, Rock-It Science has:

  • Developed a unique teaching methodology that combines storytelling with hands-on science experiments.
  • Served over 100,000 kindergarten through middle school children.
  • Created more than 200 highly tested and successful experiments.
  • Brought science directly to the kids at Boys and Girls Clubs, scouting groups and YMCAs with our mobile science lab.
  • Mentored hundreds of elementary and middle school teachers in our unique science instruction techniques.
  • Conducted a NASA-sponsored program at Moffett Field that served 10,000 kids each year.