West Valley Dance Company


West Valley Dance Company offers a well-rounded, professional dance education that caters to individual pace and growth. Our roots are in the passion of teaching, and the staff of the WVDC understand the importance of a child’s development at any age–ensuring our lessons go beyond those of the dance studio.

As a studio sprouted from Action Day Primary Plus, a company founded in 1968 that offers children of all ages award-winning childcare and education, the WVDC values the same core principles: that the quality and experience of our staff is upheld and the communication between teacher, parent, and student is encouraged and promoted throughout the year. We also offer a lounge area for our dancers to provide them with a space to just “be” in between classes–whether they have homework to complete, want to practice for their next class, or need a moment of quiet. A parent viewing area allows parents to feel part of the action: to partake in their children’s joy of learning and passion for dance.

We offer services that not only enrich the dancer’s total experience, but also that of their family.


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