Heroes Martial Arts was established in January 2009 to bring the grappling arts of Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Judo and Wrestling to downtown San Jose.

Heroes Martial Arts has create a unique environment designed to challenge you everyday, but still feel welcoming. Our goal is to use every opportunity to bring out the best in each student.

One thing advanced students and visitors have noticed when attending Heroes Martial Arts is the diversity of the students. This is not only referring to the background of each student, but the style and personalization of jiu jitsu that they develop. One quickly notices that no two students play the game alike! Jiu Jitsu is a deep art that actually allows a practitioner play to the preferences and strengths. This was absolutely by design as we feel that having a deep academy with a lot of different styles makes the training ultimately better. One of Heroes biggest strengths is our diversity!

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Alan “Gumby” Marques
Owner and Instructor