Center Stage Dance Company


At CSDC, our main objective is to teach dance. Secondary objectives include the following:

Confidence: CSDC is a place where it is safe to make mistakes. We strive to create a class environment in which each student feels comfortable enough to step out of their safety zone and try new things. Performing in front of a large audience takes a certain type of confidence that can be used in many aspects in life.

Patience, Tolerance, Support and Humility: We stress the importance of having a good attitude when approaching new ideas and experiences and to enter every situation with an open mind.

Self-Sufficiency: students learn to use safety pins, sew snaps, repair and construct costumes. They learn to solve certain problems on their own.

Seeing The Big Picture: Students are involved in many different aspects of the performing arts by helping with costume, prop, and set construction, as well as helping backstage during performances. In performance and in the studio, students are taught to recognize what needs to be taken care of and to help out without being asked. Each student should feel an ownership to the studio and to each production. We strive for them to understand that each job and each step of the process is vital to the end product.

Appreciate and Support The Arts: In the limited class time we try to expose students to many different art forms. We encourage families to attend local performances and art galleries and for the students to have opinions and reaction to their experiences. Each year students learn about the history, literature, and events of which inspire the July Portfolio themes.

Be Healthy: We stress the importance of physical health. By dancing you can stay fit and healthy while doing something you enjoy. It is important to learn what it means to work hard without becoming frustrated, and to learn the difference between tiredness, soreness, and injury.

Creativity: Students are encouraged to contribute ideas and opinions in class as long as they are not disruptive. In modern classes students are sometimes asked to choreograph short dances in small groups which are performed for one another at the end of the class. Some middle and high school students are asked to participate in our Choreography Project. We hope that students can find that they have the ability to create something new. They have the ability to control the skills they have learned and organize an idea to be shared and expressed to an audience.


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