One Village Sports is dedicated to providing a positive sports experience for athletes. We focus on building players' confidence, self-esteem and love for the game while ensuring players improve their skills to their own next level.

One Village Sports is locally owned and operated in the East Bay, California. We're focused on bringing the community together to help our athletes accomplish their goals from start to finish. We provide supplemental training to athletes to compliment the training they receive with their team. We're proud to be part of the process to help local area team coaches, who step up to volunteer their time for the good of the team, with a resource for additional professional training to take those players to the next level. Team coaches have limited time, and therefore tend to prioritize team dynamics over individual player development. That's where we step in to ensure the players build their individual technical skills, which develops their confidence and self esteem. In turn, they love the sport, dedicate themselves and accomplish their goals. Players develop the learning process that makes them successful in sports---and in life.