The Renaissance International School


Our course of study encompasses the full substance of the traditional curriculum, and then goes beyond to teach students how to think clearly, conduct their own research, express themselves effectively in writing and speech and incorporate all of this knowledge toward a practical application. Our curriculum also includes a strong music, arts and language immersion component. The Renaissance International School is the only genuine three-language immersion Montessori school in the nation.

We are essentially teaching children how to learn in order that they may develop into confident, capable and successful, happy people. We teach students to think, not simply to memorize, feedback, and forget. We also know that no two students learn at the same pace, nor do they necessarily learn best from the same methods. Our goal is to be flexible and creative in addressing each student as a unique individual.

We welcome all families and work closely with parents to foster our view of school as an extension of home. I invite you to visit and see our students working. We hold introductory school tours throughout the year. Tours are two hours, for adults-only and are held on select weekday mornings at 9:30 a.m.


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