CODEd Academy will be the first interdisciplinary Computer Science school in Oakland. CODEd will create a pipeline for students of color to the wealth of technology related jobs here in the Bay area. CODEd aims to serve all the students of Oakland. It will serve as a place where diverse cultures come together to see the value in their understanding and empathy for the way others'.

Only 3% of tech workers currently are minority. Tech inclusivity is a controversial topic and the leaders of industry recognize diversity as a main concern. The community served by CODEd represents the change we want to see in the tech industry.

Coded Academy will tackle the tech and educational divides that exists by providing students with the high level skills businesses are looking for. Students will be given a true contextual view into the impact of computer science on their lives. Students will make an impact on their communities through technical, real-life problem solving design skills.


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