Passion - Passion! Passion! Passion! Passion for teaching children art is the #1 qualification when we recruit team members.

Professional - Artist teaching art. CalColor teaching team is a group of active artists, with MFA or BFA degree.

Versatile - Our team members have a broad range of expertises, including pictorial art (drawing/painting), spatial art (clay), photography and digital art.

Responsible - We treat all students as our own children. We communicate with parents after every class. We have a dedicated team for curriculum development.

Promote Creativity - Imagination is more important than knowledge. Knowledge is limited. Imagination encircles the world.

Technicial Toolbox - We encourage students to open their eyes and observe life. We teach students a very broad range of art techniques.

Art History - We give students a pair of art eye by studying famous artist and their master pieces. Students learn history of art and how to appreciate art.

Self Confidence - We promote students’ self confidence. We guide students in the learning but we don’t touch students’ work. Students build confidence.


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School Director and Lead Instructor of Multiple Media