Yew Chung International School


YCIS Silicon Valley is a welcoming school community where all children from preschool through grade 8 are encouraged to find and follow their gifts as they learn in both Chinese and English.

Our goal: To help our students become compassionate, bilingual world learners and leaders.

At the heart of a YCIS education is a globally-focused Mandarin and English dual language curriculum that shapes both hearts and minds. From the youngest preschoolers to our soon-to-be graduates, students grow creatively through the arts and music, develop leadership skills and service, and explore beyond the classroom as they grow into confident, articulate and compassionate individuals. We invite you to explore our Preschool, Elementary and Middle School programs.

Cultivating Global Citizens Who Will Make a Difference in Our Changing World

At the root of our philosophy is the blend of Eastern and Western cultures. At YCIS, we are committed to developing a unique international education. One that is not restricted to a single national curriculum. One that embraces multicultural perspectives and viewpoints. One that cultivates care and compassion and inspires students to make a difference in our ever-changing world.

Our Mission

  • To raise globally competent and compassionate leaders with a servant’s heart, who aspire to, and act for, a better world.

Our Commitment

  • YCIS Silicon Valley’s English-Chinese dual language program transforms generations of students into bilingual, compassionate multicultural leaders, exhibiting strong community values and academic excellence.

Our Values

  • Founded with the aim of educating students to develop good character and sound knowledge – the two pillars of society – YCIS schools continue to instill strong values and support students in developing a strong moral compass. At YCIS Silicon Valley, we cultivate respect, friendship, creativity, gratitude, generosity, commitment, kindness, patience, peace, and honesty in all we do.

Our Principles and Practices

  • We believe that the core purpose of education is character formation, and it is the most important shared responsibility of the school and home.
  • We believe that each child is unique, with innate talents and gifts that should be nurtured to the fullest potential.
  • We believe that quality student-teacher relationships are at the heart of meaningful engagement, leading to highly effective learning and teaching.
  • We believe that Learning Communities best enable students and teachers to creatively and holistically explore different fields of knowledge, fostering individual and collaborative learning skills that are critical for the 21st Century.
  • We believe in equipping our graduates with a deep respect for and understanding of world cultures, mastery of Chinese and English, plus proficiency in other modern languages, as well as a strong commitment to meeting challenges of their generation.

We believe a bilingual education should be open to all. To the extent our resources allow, we are committed to supporting families who wish to enroll their children at YCIS Silicon Valley but cannot otherwise afford to do so. Financial Aid is available to current and new students in Kindergarten through Grade 8 who demonstrate financial need. All Financial Aid applications are submitted through facts management.