The place for wholesome Music and Dance education for children of all ages in San Jose, Sunnyvale and around the South Bay.

Mrs. Morris believes that early exposure to music is essential, but private lessons are not always the best alternative. Many kids between 1 and 7 years old participate in a fun array of group classes called EMA, or Early Music Awareness.

These classes, which are more economical than private lessons, allow children to experience a full range of music and instruments in a hands-on, relaxed atmosphere.

This experience lays a solid foundation so that when the children are old enough to play instruments (usually between ages 5 and 8), they can get a quick and positive start. When the child is ready for this next step, private lessons are available. However, the progression moves at the student's pace, and programs are tailor-made for each child as an individual.

Offers some classes with support for special needs students. Please contact for more information!

Short- and long-term scholarship assistance available. Please download an application form online.