NorCal Music & Arts Center (NCMAC)


The NorCal Music & Arts Center provides music education and art classes, as well as a rentable performance space. Our classes aspire to provide the highest caliber of music and art education and uncompromising dedication to our students.

We offer many different kinds of lessons in music. We offer the following lessons:

  • Piano lessons
  • Violin lessons
  • Guitar lessons
  • Voice lessons
  • Clarinet lessons
  • Flute lessons
  • Saxophone lessons

Our art lessons include drawing and painting classes.

Our primary goal is to arm our students with the essential elements necessary to perfect their skills and to help them reach their fullest potentials. Studies have shown that exposure to music and art from an early age train students to:

  • Appreciate the value of hard work instead of instant gratification
  • Stimulate creativity
  • Increase attention to details
  • Promote concentration and fine motor skills
  • Build discipline, perseverance, and confidence