Our dojo was founded in 1965 by Robert Nadeau – Shihan (8th dan).

AIKIDO — the Path of Harmony. Robert Nadeau Shihan teaches Aikido as it was taught by O’Sensei. Aikido is an art of self-development, rather than pure self-defense. It opens up a way to disentangle and unify your “I” and allows your body to be in harmony with the world.

When training on the mat, we use a martial art format in order to keep our practice honest and true. Finding yourself in front of an attacker, experiencing all these strikes, grabs, locks, and throws adopted in Aikido give an immediate feedback on how you relate yourself to the world you are in.

In a life off the mat, the same principles apply. Stay centered and focused, enter “the pool of calmness” and allow yourself to be your true self. We welcome those who have practiced other martial arts as well as those who have never tried it but who want to better themselves.