TWA school and camp founders Ben & Claire Walker have had a lifetime of careers in environmental and experiential education. Our Tribal Wisdom Academy adult team of Mentors are role-models of pioneer skills, safe practices, good character, mindfulness, and deep nature connection. All staff are trained in First-Aid and CPR, tool safety, fire safety, and all adults have the highest standard of FBI/DOJ fingerprint background screening. We ensure that your child is getting a true mentorship and an authentic childhood experience, as expressed in our photos and camp videos from the past 4 summers at Los Gatos Farms. Ben Jamin Walker has been teaching kids outdoors for forty years!

The TWA historic childhood experience equips your child for any world future.


  • Allow children to have an actual childhood that is full of real adventures.
  • Create unstoppable self-directed lifelong learners that can get into any career or college that they choose.
  • Focus on moral character and sustainability.
  • Help families find a balance between self-reliance and community.
  • Train kids to thrive in any world future with an intertwining of paleolithic survival skills and modern day life-skills.
  • Connect students with how the natural world provides all of our food and raw materials, in today's advancing technological world.
  • Have a lot of fun.