Osprey Aquatics is a competitive swim club committed to the pursuit of excellence. Individuals are encouraged to be their best in all areas, including athletics, academics and other activities. Osprey Aquatics fosters a family atmosphere and offers social activities to complement competitive swimming.The program emphasizes individuality within a team concept. Success is measured by self-improvement and not by comparison to others. Continued self-improvement will naturally lead to success measured against others, but individual improvement is the goal. Whatever stage of the child's development and whatever their potential, Osprey Aquatics will serve their needs.

Our swimmers have competed in Junior Nationals, Senior Nationals and Olympic Trials.

Our Head Coach has established himself as one of the innovators of our sport, speaking at multiple coaching clinics, and inventing and patenting the Bolster Paddle.

We are at the forefront of stroke mechanics, mental training, and have a complete approach to developing elite athletes.


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