Fox Equine Rescue & Youth Horsemanship Center


Our goal is to save as many horses as we can and rehabilitate them for sponsorship, pleasure riding, or adoption to a forever home.

We consider ourselves to be a part of the natural horsemanship movement although we feel that term has been widely overused. a true “natural horseman” is simply somebody with a goal that listens to the horse, then communicates with the horse to guide the horse to that goal. We feel it is never, ever the horses fault. Yes, horses misbehave and act up, it is a natural part of life to feel rebellious at times. We feel many horse’s issues are due to how they have been treated (or not treated), and/or holes in the foundation of the horse’s training, or a myriad of other aspects from the horse’s past. There is no one “cure” or “fix” for a horse with issues, but we approach the subject with gentleness, leadership, and a desire to help every horse achieve its potential in a happy, healthy environment conducive to rehabilitation.


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