Our mission is to help children become confident, enthusiastic, masterful math learners…ready to make their difference in the world.

What We Do For Kids

  • We help children in grades K-5 tap into their natural strengths and use them as powerful tools for learning math.
  • We make math fun, so kids are excited and motivated to keep learning.
  • We help kids become confident that they can figure out challenging math problems, seeing mistakes as a natural part of moving closer to a solution.

What We Do For Parents

  • We help kids and parents relax and have fun with math at home.
  • We show you the best ways to help with math when homework looks intimidating or strange.
  • We connect you to a community of awesome parents who want to help their kids excel and to love math.

What We Do For Teachers and Homeschoolers

  • We share our best resources and insider tips on the best ways to use drawing, manipulatives, and play in your classroom.
  • We help you make math time more impactful, engaging, and fun!
  • We keep your teaching fresh with new activities and games that help your kids master new math skills.


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