Our Teaching Philosophy

Like playing a musical instrument or learning to dance ballet, one's ability to draw or paint is directly related to the instruction and time spent practicing. Orange Easel is committed to teaching artists to Do Art Better. Art isn't just something that we Make ...Art is something we do.

Do Art Better

For preschoolers, Better is...anti-craft. It is anti-product and pro-process. Better means that our artists can explore art in the way that best serves them. Age-appropriate art for a preschooler is messy and silly. It's story-filled and sensory-rich. It is new and novel. It is irresistible.Their little minds Crave this freedom of exploration. It's open-ended questions and very few "no's."

For older children, Better is...anti-example. It is anti-"everyone's looks the same." It's pro-creativity. It's pro-ideas. Better means that our artist are taught to spend time crafting their own ideas into complete compositions; and then are taught the skills and patience that they need to create their vision. Better is the promise of improvement through loving instruction and high-quality materials.

Children of all abilities are welcome in all of our art classes.