Summit Technology Academy Summer Camps


Summit Technology Academy (STA) is a shared campus of junior and senior students who come together for a half-day program as an extension of their home high school. STA is a career-focused academy designed to prepare students for tomorrow’s professional workforce. It is located at the Missouri Innovation Campus building, which is a cutting edge facility that looks and feels like today’s top collaborative workplaces. STA shares this facility with the University of Central Missouri–Lee’s Summit, creating a professional collegiate atmosphere for students from 30 public and private high schools sent from 18 school districts. Students who are driven, focused, and passionate about discovering their future career field will thrive at STA.

The mission of STA is to challenge students to achieve their personal best. STA is a national model for innovation by providing rigorous and relevant opportunities for students. STA develops life-long problem solvers through a culture of inquiry and critical thinking. The students and staff exemplify creativity, professionalism, and leadership.

Summit Technology Academy offers programs that blend classroom instruction with hands-on learning experiences. The teachers will prepare high school students for their education journey while immersing them in their chosen career path through a variety of on-site field experiences in local businesses, such as hospitals, city offices, engineering firms, data centers and biomedical labs.