The Salvation Army Kansas & Western Missouri


The Salvation Army has more than 400 after school programs in the United States.

The Salvation Army operates hundreds of after school programs in low and moderate income neighborhoods across the country. These programs provide children with a safe place to play and learn in a supervised and constructive environment. In many cases, The Salvation Army will provide faith-based sports, arts, and music programs, which may or may not be available in the local school systems. As the economy has declined and local municipalities have struggled to fund these extracurricular programs. The Salvation Army has made an effort in many communities to provide these learning opportunities.

The Salvation Army supplements and supports kids’ educational opportunities through:

Homework assistance and counseling

At The Salvation Army, we provide one-on-one teaching assistance to help kids of all ages with school work, study guidance and literacy advancement. We open our doors to anyone in need and never discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, or socioeconomic level.

Sports, clubs and extracurricular activities

Through a variety of no-fee and low cost after-school programs, we provide safe ways for kids to to make friends and participate in activities they couldn't otherwise afford.

Dance, art and music programs

We work to provide music and arts programs that many schools can no longer afford. From choirs to instrument training, poetry to painting, drama to dance, after-school lessons and activities help introduce children to the beauties of the fine arts.

Parental involvement coaching

We work to develop relationships with parents in efforts to encourage familial support in the education process.

ELL support is often available. Contact for more details.

Support is available for youth with special needs, including handicapped accessible camps/facilities and specially trained staff.

Financial assistance is available, please contact for more information.


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