Providence School of Arts


Every Child in Kansas City Empowered to Flourished

That’s the dream that fuels us. To see children from all different neighborhoods, ethnicities, and socio-economic levels learning, discovering, thriving together.

We exist to empower children from all back- grounds to discover their value and pursue their purpose through holistic education opportunities.

This is our city, and this is our story

Kansas City. A city ridden with wounds from the past and divided by racial, socioeconomic, and education disparities. These inequities impact the city’s most precious resource – its children. This is the story of Kansas City.

Providence School of Arts is writing a different story. A story that revolves around a vision for renewal and transformation in our city. We long to see those gaps bridged – to empower a diverse group of learners to become successful contributors in their communities for the glory of God.

To see every child discovering their value and pursuing their purpose. To see the gospel of Jesus bringing reconciliation and restoration to our city through our children.

In short, we long to see a city transformed.

In 2012, Providence SChool of Arts launched with the aim to bring the visual & performing arts to the urban core and provide a quality, affordable private school as an alternative education option. Since then we have offered annual summer arts camps to the community, started an elementary school, and launched a variety of arts enrichment opportunities.