About CVAF

The Central Valley Afterschool Foundation works to provide children and youth in the Central Valley with opportunities to grow and develop during their time out of school. Founded in 2005, the Foundation supports high quality afterschool and summer programs through technical assistance, fundraising and public policy initiatives. The Foundation was created to build and support high quality expanded learning programs in the Central Valley. It accomplishes its mission by:

  • Building and supporting programs that serve nearly 40,000 children. The Foundation provides targeted technical assistance and training to afterschool and summer programs in the Central Valley and throughout the State to ensure that programs are successful and effective. Building support for expanded learning. The Foundation educates and informs the Central Valley community about the value of afterschool and summer programs to strengthen partnerships, broker resources, and promote sustainability.

  • Supporting public policies that meet the unique needs of Central Valley programs. The Foundation reaches out to policymakers to advocate for policies that will grow and sustain afterschool and summer programs.

  • Securing public and private funding for programs. The Foundation fundraises for and provides sustainability coaching to afterschool and summer programs to ensure adequate and ongoing funding for programs in the Central Valley.

In the 12 years that the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation has been implementing its mission, the organization is recognized as a valuable resource both locally and statewide. This success is directly linked to the commitment and buy-in from local partners and programs. To that end, the team at the Central Valley Afterschool Foundation is constantly working to respond to the needs of providers in the Central Valley. We are passionate about providing a high level of support to field leaders, as they are the people who serve our ultimate client, the student.

Our goal with the launch of this Activity Guide is to help increase family access to local summer activity information as well as provide tangible benefits to activity providers and better understand the landscape of summer providers in the Central Valley.