Yoko's Dance & Performing Arts Academy


As someone who has traveled all over the U.S. for judging, I cannot count all the times people have commented on the quality of dancing from our studio, as well as the maturity and positive attitude of our dancers. It is because of our constant striving for excellence that we enjoy a reputation as one of the top studios in the Nation. To be good at anything, you have to work hard and be dedicated to continual improvement. I see this in every one of our dancers. Each one brings to the studio their own, unique passion for dance and we are all enriched for being part of this environment. But even more, this work ethic and dedication is reflected in their activities outside of dance. Many of our dancers are leaders among their peers at school and at other activities in their communities. Our studio is about striving for excellence. Excellence in dance, community, school, family and life. Perhaps you would like your child (or yourself) to become a part of such a learning environment. I hope that you will come visit our studio and see for yourself what wonderful lessons are being taught here.


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