LifeTechforKIDS, LLC


Connecting Kids to BioTech

Team LifeTechforKids is ever so passionate about learning, sharing and helping kids grow. We conduct our children’s camps during school breaks. We invest time in searching the world over and design fun experiments that introduce current technology and basic science to our children.

At LifeTechforKids our goal is to make kids’ school breaks a time of learning, fun and play. We believe in tactile learning. All our camps and classes are designed to be fully engaging with hands-on investigation, experimentation and discovery. In addition to learning science, we encourage camaraderie, discussion and debate, so our children develop life skills of social interactions, respect for people as well as materials and make new friends!

Our leader &founder is Sudha Rao. She is a working Mom and a full-time Scientist. In LifeTechforKids camps, she has combined her two passions, Science and working with children.


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