Science! Science! & More Science!

STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) learning is more important than ever before. It has become a national movement. At Destination Science, we say “Science is a Way of Thinking!” When we know how to “do” science, we know how to be creative, critical, and organized thinkers and problem solvers.

DS builds curious Kids!

In all of our activities, we teach children how to ask great questions and how to wonder out loud. Every day provides opportunities to create new things and imagine. At Destination Science, we use science to prepare your child for life!

Kids Love It!

We’re safe, non-stop fun, so kids can’t wait to go every day! We comb the globe every year searching for fun, child friendly materials that captivate & engage campers into the world of science. Our projects are innovative & diverse and best of all campers get to take home all of their creations.

Top-notch Teachers!

Highly enthusiastic teachers provide mature, professional leadership! They love seeing kids have fun while learning and exploring. Teaming up with these teachers are carefully selected university students with strong interests and abilities to lead and motivate young people. All of our staff are personally interviewed, background screened, and receive professional training to deliver our program with excellence and enthusiasm.

Lasting Value!

Kids take home all the projects & toys they build themselves to keep the fun and learning going long after camp is done! Campers love sharing with friends & family what they made & the science behind it.

DS is really good for Kids!

Parents love that our fun-filled programs make positive, powerful differences in their children—giving life-long value! Our program is meticulously designed to use fun science as a tool to grow terrific skills for everyday life, including:

New Friends!

Destination Science is a warm, wonderful environment where kids feel comfortable making connections with others! Parents tell us that their child loves that everyone at camp shares the idea that it is cool to be smart!