Kids World is a “club-within-a-club” at ClubSport – a place specially designed for children from infants to pre-teens. Parents must remain on-site (in any area of ClubSport, from the fitness center to the outdoor pool to the spa or restaurant) while your children are in Kids World.

Parents can rest assured that your children will be well cared for and will have a fun and enjoyable experience during each visit. With our unique video camera coverage of Kids World, we make it easy for parents to check on your children via the Kids World monitors conveniently located around the club.

Kids World is divided into age-specific spaces that are designed and outfitted to provide a wide variety of age-appropriate activities for your child.

The “ClubKid” side is designated for children ages six weeks through five years and is divided within by smaller age groups. The “KidFit” side is structured for ages five through twelve. Separating children by age allows us to conduct activities and events in a space best suited for the safety and comfort of all children.

Our Daily Activity Calendar offers an innovative array of games and activities to keep kids active, involved and engaged. Your child will have the opportunity to participate in group activities, to pursue individual interests... or to just play with friends. This Kids World entrance is located to the left of the main entry doors to ClubSport, making it easy and convenient for parents to drop off your children in Kids World upon arrival.


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