Achievers is a comprehensive after-school enrichment program with a commitment to optimize teaching and learning, and facilitate a child’s holistic all-round development.

With a safe and stimulating environment and exposure to multidimensional facets of education that are beyond academics, we encompass a child’s intellectual, social, emotional, and physical development. We strongly believe that education does not begin and end at school. With this very thought in mind, Achievers provides a child with a spectrum of opportunities to explore, and the tools and guidance to excel at them. We believe that each individual child is unique and should be challenged according to their abilities. Education should stretch a child in a well-balanced fashion so they can rise above and beyond the “grade level”. We strive to help children realize and assess their strengths, weaknesses, capabilities, and areas to work on. We regard that each child should also be groomed to be highly successful in their post-education life by teaching the basic principles and tools to deal with the everyday situation. By engaging children in fun-based hands-on activities in a social setting, we instill attributes such as teamwork, compassion, morale, and self-esteem in them, which are pivotal to a child’s holistic development.


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