In November of 1977 Head Over Heels founder Kathleen Macchia opened the doors of our first facility; an 800 square foot space in Oakland, CA. This space was subleased for two days a week in which Kathleen began coaching her first three students. Over the next three decades HOH has become a 501 3(c) organization and has grown considerably.

We provide recreational, competitive, and special needs gymnastics and dance training to the approximate 1,500 students from 12 months to adults that we serve. Every week we provide the physical education for 3 local preschools, on-site after school programs for a growing number of primary schools, and field trips for numerous schools and recreation programs throughout the bay area. We attribute our success to our incredible coaching staff as well as a bay area populace that understands the value of being physically active and are looking for ways to make fitness fun. We truly love what we do...

Parent Participation Special Needs

This class is our gym's introduction to the special needs program. We offer two groups split by age, 4 - 6 and 7 – 9 years old. Class placement is open for discussion as we try to base groups on the size, ability, and needs of the gymnasts.

Offered in a less crowded location during quieter business hours, the class is geared towards optimized adaption to a structured gym setting. To support the child's needs, a parent, guardian, or aide is required in order to best support each gymnast. Our special needs classes are limited to a 4 students to a coach ratio to guarantee individual attention for each student.

Class Focus:

The class builds a wide range of motor skills as well as social skills, boosting students’ confidence with each success. Student - teacher communication is key as students gain skills while having fun.

Gymnastic Skills:

Balance, jumps, running coordination, hanging on bars, basic inversions, climbing, and much more.

Example class structure:

  • 5 minute plyometric warmup.
  • 5 minutes of body positioning and joint preparation.
  • 10 minute rotation on different courses, first five of which are structured last 5 minutes the gymnast is free to work on their favorite skills.

Special Needs

This class is our program’s transition to the bigger gym. With more equipment available to accommodate older children and a larger amount of classes simultaneously being held around the class, listening requirements are brought to the forefront. A parent or guardian is welcome to aide to best support the needs of each student. Four gymnasts maximum in a class to ensure each gymnast receives individual attention.

Class Focus:

This class fosters listening and communication skills with a teacher. Gymnasts gain the ability to take the class independently without an aide while practicing sharing and taking turns with others.

Gymnastics Skills:

Various trampoline bounces and drops, body positions, basic vaulting skills, basic bars, rings, parallel bars, support swings and travels, basic tumbling, and stretches on the gym floor.

Example class structure:

  • 5 minute plyometric warmup.
  • 5 minutes of skill specific body positioning and strengthening.
  • Two 15 minute rotations in a course – both rotations are ended with a free skill period.
  • 5 minutes of free time and games.

Level 1 Special Needs

The Level 1 for Special Needs class is a stepping stone into a Level 2 for boys and girls that need special accommodations. The class explores many different approaches to basic gymnastic skills and is taught at a lower 4 to 1 student to coach ratio to ensure every gymnast has the tools to learn and achieve success.

Class Focus:

The focus of this class is building skills, learning how to push past difficult obstacles, and understanding the rewards of hard work and dedication. Gymnasts will learn to maintain focus utilizing gymnast and coach communication with minimal guardian aide.

Gymnastic Skills:

Basic tumbling, progression towards a pullover on bar, hand stand flat back, cartwheel, and squat-on on vault.

Example Class Structure:

  • 10 minute warm up, games.
  • Two 15 minute rotations focusing on a skill.
  • 5 minutes of conditioning and body positions.

Scholarships for underserved children are available. Please contact for details.


Joy Ashe
Enrollment Director