Our philosophy is to instill a desire to learn about art and other subjects in our students from the youngest age possible. We believe when they have this desire to learn and their brain develops enough, they will have what they need to advance their artistic skill. Truly learning art takes many years of dedication and practice and if we don't give our students the desire to learn, they will eventually get frustrated and give up. We believe many of my students can love to draw and improve, but this is a slow, on-going process. That being said, We do not want my students to become artists (unless they really want to). Our goal is for them to be able to use their artistic and creative side in everything they do. For example, we have all seen boring Powerpoint slides at work. What if the person giving the presentation was more artful, more skilled with their words, more confident, more interesting? Another example is in politics. We have seen the power of creative ideas, well-organized planning, and persuasive speeches in recent years. This is truly the power of art. Dreaming up a perfect image filled with your ideas, planning the execution of the image, and using the image to persuade others about your ideas is all art. There has been increasing research (which we read a lot of) that shows how imagination and creativity are extremely important in science, engineering, mathematics, physics, and all manner of what most people would consider not traditionally associate with art. So you see, that art is not just about pencils and paintbrushes, it really is about thinking creatively and building confidence in one's ability to deliver ideas.