Alameda Vipers Basketball Club


The Alameda Vipers Basketball Club is a registered non-profit based in the City of Alameda in Alameda County, CA . Alameda Vipers was founded in 2010, is affiliated with the National Amateur Athletic Union (AAU), Team U.S.A. Youth Development and the Jr. NBA.

The goal of the Vipers organization is to create a foundation for our players to develop their individual skills within the structure of team basketball.

The club fields girls and boys teams in grades 2 to 12. The Vipers Club operates year-round and separates the 12-month calendar into 4 seasons Winter (Jan-Feb), Spring (Mar-May), Summer (June-Aug) and Fall (Sept-Nov).

Coach Max has 15 years experience teaching English Language Learners. He is currently the Physical Education teacher at a school in Oakland that is 60% ELL.

Coach Max has 15 years experience teaching youth players with special needs.

Partial scholarships are available, contact for more information.


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Max Langaard
Camp Director