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Mona Khan Company


Who can't help loving Bollywood music? We certainly do! We believe "Bollywood" is not just one specific style of dance, but a collage of many dance styles set to chart-topping Bollywood songs. Traditionally, Bollywood dance has been associated with the 'hip-shaking', 'light-bulb twisting' types of moves.

We bring you Bollywood dance at a new level with true elements of Modern, Jazz, Hip-hop, Salsa and Lyrical dance. In addition, we incorporate the deep roots of traditional folk and classical South Asian dance forms such as Bharatnatyam, Raas/Garba, Bhangra (it's not that we use each of these styles in every single choreographed piece - that would not be Bollywood dance, it would be Bollywood 'khichdi').

Family discounts are available. Please contact for details.


Mona S. Khan
Founder & Artistic Director