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Camp Brainy Bunch


We are a Brainy Camp and Proud!

We don’t think learning should end with the school year, but we don’t think it should look like a classroom either. If you agree, then here are the reasons why Camp Brainy Bunch might be the camp for you:

One Subject Per Week = A Real Impact On Learning

We call it Single-Subject Focus.

We attack it, laugh with it, act it out, jump all over it, bake it in a pie, launch it in a rocket and...

then do it again.

By the end of the week we know that subject.

We approach each week with traditional learning styles, play-based learning, student driven challenges, and hands-on projects. By the end we have covered our subject with every learning style, every creative outlet, and every opportunity to laugh. This is the Brainy Bunch way.


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Angela Ciandro, MFA
Camp Director