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Avid4 Adventure


Avid4 Adventure has been providing authentic outddoor adventures through summer day camp for 13 years in Colorado, and we're stoked to bring that same quality programming to California for our 4th year in 2016. Our mission is simple, and important: we want to empower kids to live active, outdoor lifestyles. If we give kids the opportunity to experience outdoor adventures when they're young, we have the chance to infuse their lives with adventure forever. What better place to do so than in their own 'backyard'?/ Our "Learn to Bike!" program targets kids that are brand new to bike-riding. Working with kids as young as 3.5 years old, our phenomenal instructors coach and teach the skills to begin riding a bike. With low 4:1 camper to instructor ratios, we can give kids close and personalized attention to help them find success./ In "Explorer" groups, ages 5-6, campers honor their inherent desire to learn more about their surroundings and try new things. Each day gives an opportunity to bike, paddle, or hike...all balanced with Yoga, Music and Art to keep kids wel-rounded and healthy. Team building activities help kids get to know one another and of course, have fun!/ Our multi-sport camps include "Skills Camp" for campers in 2nd-4th grades, and "Adventure Camp" for campers in 5th-7th grades. Each day of the week campers travel off-site to partake in activities like mountain biking, hiking, Stand Up Paddleboarding, and more!/ Give your kids the gift of fun, outdoor adventure this summer with Avid4 Adventure!


David Secunda