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About InPlay

Our Mission

InPlay is a nonprofit based in San Mateo, CA. Our mission is to connect disengaged, low-income children and youth with out-of-school programs to ignite their individual interests and talents.

We invite all parents to use our site to quickly find local and affordable afterschool and summer programs for your kids. For disadvantaged families, we will also be offering special tools to access financial aid.

Our Vision and Beliefs

Every parent wants the best for their children—the best education, the best schools.

But what about after school? Here lies an opportunity gap: in the U.S., 20% of kids are alone, unsupervised after school. These are the same kids that are at greater risk of falling behind and dropping out of school.

We believe in the power of play and hands-on activities to engage kids in active learning. InPlay began with a vision of knitting together school communities with out-of-school activity providers to make a supportive, self-sustaining eco-system that gives ALL children and youth essential 21st century learning skills and socio-emotional competencies that will serve them in school and life.

We are building a community to expand learning time that includes:
School Districts

We partner with schools to give their students critical hands-on learning opportunities to complement what they are getting during the school day.


We enable busy parents to juggle parenting demands with their work schedules by helping them find engaging activities for their kids that meet their schedules and pocketbooks.

Activity Providers

We view providers as critical partners in serving children and youth. They offer their unique gifts and talents to help kids learn and grow. We simply help them get the word out so they can spend more time working with kids.

Working in partnership with school districts, families, and caring activity providers, we believe we can build a stronger school community to support healthy child development. We invite you to be part of this community—get your kids in play for school and life!

Team InPlay

Jennifer Leigh

Jennifer is most in play when in her fiber arts studio. She develops patterns and teaches classes on sewing, knitting, and even spinning yarn! Her passion is figuring out how things work and sharing that knowledge with everyone who's interested (and perhaps a few who aren't. ;-) Her tip for her son and other young folk: You can do anything, but you can't do *everything.* Believe in yourself, and spend your time wisely-- time is always your most precious resource.

Rod Hsiao

Rod gets in play by exploring. He has the dubious reputation of leading family and friends on escapades that require creative ingenuity and the occasional flashlight. Whether it’s charting a new trail up a mountain pass or changing how schools teach kids, he loves engaging with people on tough problems. As the founding spark behind InPlay he hopes that more kids and youth will discover unexpected things about themselves that serve them throughout their lives. His tip for kids, including his two boys: pursue your passion wherever it may lead.

Woody Peterson

Woody is most in play on his bike. He believes every day spent outdoors on two wheels, even if just in the city, is a moment to be present and immersed in his environment. Personal food production, small craft sailing, and weekend bike camping are other means of freedom Woody enjoys.

He also believes education is the surest path to equal outcomes, and has spent years writing software to connect parents and educators in pursuit of this ideal.

Eric Hopson

Eric is most at play when he is experiencing new things. His unrelenting curiosity keeps him quite busy: hikes, beach walks, thrift stores, adventures with his son, books, podcasts, internet rabbit holes… there is always more to discover! These adventures have resulted in a rather impressive collection of found oddities and special treasures that he enthusiastically shares with anyone who shows interest.

His advice for all kids, parents, and even grandparents is to never stop exploring.

Board of Directors

Vanessa Camones, CEO of AnyContext

Mike Chu, Co-Founder, ByteGain

Katie Ferrick, Director of Community Affairs, LinkedIn

Daren Howard, Executive Director, After-School All-Stars Bay Area

John Merrells, CTO and Advisor

Paul Tauber, Partner, Coblentz, Patch, Duffy & Bass LLP

Juliet Tiffany-Morales, Education Evaluation Program Manager, Google

John Toupin, CTO, SongLily.

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