Our staff is trained to overcome any challenge our campers may have.

We encourage and motivate all campers to try new things, to grow, and experience everything camp offers.

Sometimes kids can be shy and have trouble making new friends. First of all, we keep all campers in groups by age. If we see someone struggling to fit in or make friends, our team works together to make sure they have a great experience and make life long friends.

Everyday of camp we hold an orientation with all the campers. During this orientation we go over All the Rules and what we expect. Bullying is something that we do not tolerate at all! Any camper that causes a problem for other campers being physical or verbal may be asked to leave the camp.

We do offer a gaming center or our campers. Campers can also bring their own handheld devices We know they enjoy those activities! Throughout the day they rotate through the camp and experience tons of activities everyday.

We are a very active camp and they will not be sitting around playing on electronics all day!!!