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Use InPlay to Fill Your Classes/Camps

Right now it is hard for parents to find the right activities for their kids. And it is too expensive for activity providers to spend thousands on marketing to find new students. InPlay solves both problems.

Top Reasons for Using InPlay

  1. Connect to families in your local schools with free advertising. Does it get any better than this?
  2. Get qualified sales leads: We recognize that you’re the best person to sign up new families. So we email parent inquires to you so you can respond. If browsers see your activity and are ready to register, we link them directly to your registration webpage.
  3. Just takes a few minutes to get started. We already listed your provider but need your help to get your current or future activity schedules and fees. Simply send us your upcoming class and camp schedules.
  4. We listen to your needs. We built our service by listening to dozens of providers like you. InPlay has a formal advisory board to help us design new features and make this a win-win for families, providers, and schools.
  5. We believe in you. InPlay knows what a valuable service you provide to local children and youth that helps them learn new skills and interests. We want to partner with you and other activity providers to support healthy child development.
Questions? You can contact us at: partner@inplay.org
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