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First Movement Music Academy


A school that provides a wide variety of music lessons to students of all age groups. First Movement Music Academy has been bringing families quality music classes in the heart of silicon valley since 2010. After 20 years of teaching, Sue Yang, the founder of FMMA -herself a musician, music educator, curriculum developer, and a parent - has established a creative and unique bilingual music program that utilizes art, sensory play and eurhythmics to immerse children in the fundamental of music without resorting to the formal rigidity of the traditional music lesson.

Musical training not only helps children's brain development - it has the ability to activate many different areas of the brain at once, such as areas associated with language, memory, hearing, and areas used to process sensory information. The effects of music engagement can be seen in other academic areas as well for all children. Enrolling children for a music class, and/or incorporating music education into children’s school programs (including early-childhood programs), may have long-lasting positive effects that will help students excel in school and consequently, in their future careers and personal lives.

Music curriculum is taught in Mandarin. Visit our website for details.