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iCAN Junior Triathlon Club


In 2005, Todd Waldner, now Director and Lead Coach, was sitting in Church listening intently to his Pastor, Bob Willis teaching a series about “Fulfilling life’s Purpose” and “Defining our Passion in Life”.

The book, “A Purpose Driven Life” had recently been released and reading the book was incorporated as part of the series Bob was teaching. One particular Sunday, Bob confronted Todd and asked, “What is your passion in life today?” He knew Todd was passionate about the sport of triathlon and had a long history of training and racing. He also knew Todd was very passionate about nutrition and maintaining a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Bob gave him a book from his library called “Fly Fishing, Dog Training and Sharing Christ.” After reading this book, Todd knew he had been prepared to fulfill a long time personal passion and the vision of “I CAN” was conceived. This led to the development of what would become the iCAN Junior Triathlon Club.

Todd was given a gift and the heart to work with young people, and through the sport of triathlon he would have the opportunity to lead, demonstrate, and teach fundamental principles that would change lives forever.

The “I CAN” attitude coupled with Confidence, Patience and Determination became our cornerstones.

Providing scholarship program for under-served, at-risk youth. Please contact for details.