Our Mission

A+ Academy reflects a community that values academic excellence, social skills, confidence, growth and a caring environment.

Preschool / Pre-K Philosophy

A+ academy commits to provide an age-appropriate learning environment with a curriculum that involves fun activities along with challenging activities. Curiosity and talent nourishes the overall development of every individual precious little one. Critical-thinking and problem-solving are acquired through development of the child’s physical, social, emotional, cognitive and fine / gross motor skills. We believe in making learning a delightful experience for our children at their own pace. Our program includes Phonics, Number work, Reading, Music and Poetry that promotes their desire to learn.

After-School Philosophy

A+ academy accelerates proficiency in the students by making sure progress is routinely and very closely monitored by discussing goals and plans with parents during conferences. Apart from homework help, tutoring will be made available to attending students in the areas of Language arts, Math, Science and Social studies. Exposure to opportunities such as accuracy in mental math, art, speak with confidence, health and fitness and learn using brick challenge will reflect talent and creativity in each participating individual to enhance their personality. The qualified and experienced staff at A+ academy is committed to bringing out the best in your child and exhibit the potential within them.


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