Camp BizSmart, the premier entrepreneur academy for ages 11 – 19, was recently named by CNN Money as one of the five most unique camps in the U.S.

At Camp BizSmart, students gain valuable skills as they solve actual business problems from innovative companies. We have created a variety of camps and workshops where students work in teams and receive guidance from industry experts.

At Camp BizSmart, students experiment with the latest business methods and design tools, and get personal experience working with company founders and CEOs. At the beginning of each camp, students form dedicated teams to work together solving actual business problems. As they work on products from innovative companies, they learn entrepreneurship skills, product design, and business plan essentials.

It doesn’t end there. Students learn how to make a preliminary design sketch, do marketing analysis, assess the strengths and weaknesses of the competition, compile a financial spreadsheet, and make collaborative decisions. The entire curriculum is designed to foster leadership, public speaking, design thinking, and collaborative teamwork. It’s intensive learning, but appropriate for students who are imaginative and full of big ideas.


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Geeta Ajmera
Director of Admissions