Saratoga French Cultural Preschool


Our primary goal as educators is to offer quality care to children 2 to 5 years of age. We recognize each child is unique and value the differences that each child brings to the center in terms of development, skill levels and interests. Our program allows for flexibility in order to meet the individual needs of each child. Our daily program allows each child to develop his/her physical, social-emotional, cognitive and artistic abilities through child-initiated play and teacher-directed learning.

We focus on French language acquisition and communication.We believe our role as educators is to help each child to develop autonomy, self-esteem and problem solving skills in a social and enchanting classroom setting.


At Saratoga French Cultural Preschool, we want your child to feel at home while developing new skills at their own pace in our child-focused learning environment. These skills will be learned through healthy interactions with other children and our valued staff members.

In addition, they will have the opportunity to explore and experience our quality Early Childhood program while learning a different language. Your child’s early years are SO important. Come experience them with us at Saratoga French Cultural Preschool.


Every child is unique, and we believe that success and growth come from encouragement and praise.

Our teachers focus on building every child’s self esteem and confidence through positive reinforcement and rewards. We nurture their natural strength, while also fostering development in areas where the child needs additional development.

A child sees the world with wonder and awe. We believe in encouraging your child's natural curiosity.