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3D Printing & Modeling

Camp for ages 8 - 14
1 week, Jun 29 to Jul 3
Entire Session - $465 (see options)
8 more schedules in other areas
Mathnasium of Santa Clara
2740 El Camino Real
Santa Clara California 95051
Price Options
Loving Tree Academy/Loving Tree Academy - Newark $335
Enlighten Enrichment School $395
Loving tree session (9-1pm & 4-6pm) $230
Faith Hope & Love Chinese School, Ohlone Elementary School, Mathnasium of Santa Clara, LeapStart After School $465
Extended care (Mon-Fri 3-6pm) Loving Tree Academy & Loving Tree Academy - Newark $115
Extended Care 1 (Mon-Fri 8:30-9am;3-6:30pm) (Enlighten Enrichment School) $120
Extended Care 2 (Mon-Fri 8:30-9am;4-6:30pm) (Enlighten Enrichment School) $100
Extended Care 3 (Mon-Fri 8:30-1pm;4-6:30pm) & Extended Care 4 (Mon-Fri 8:30-9am;12-6;30pm) (Enlighten Enrichment School) $185
Mathnasium of Santa Clara Extended Care $60
Leapstart extended care (Mon-Fri 3-6pm) $85
Extended Care (Mon-Fri 3-6pm) - Faith Hope & Love Chinese School/Ohlone Elementary School $75
Multi-week (Full-day camp: 2nd camp) $20 off
Multi-week (Half-day camp: 2nd camp) $10 off
Multi-week (Full-day camp: 3rd camp) $40 off
Multi-week (Half-day-day camp: 3rd camp) $20 off
Referral/Sibling $25 off
Returning camper (each week(full-day camp provided by TeeterPal) $20 off
Returning camper (for each week (half-day camp provided by TeeterPal) $10 off
T-Member for all sessions & extended cares provided by TeeterPal 5% off