We teach kids computational thinking with bricks, robots, and drones. We hope that we can grow together with kids and they have creative minds.

We believe that a coding/making education is a powerful leverage to transform kids’ lives and the communities they live in. We make an effort to reach out to kids who are not as fortunate as us and provide them with opportunity to learn this vast world of coding/making. We believe that all children should benefit from the fast advancing technology and the opportunities it presents.

We provide training to local/global non-profit organizations to run our workshops locally and globally to reach out to kids who do not have opportunity to learn it. We continuously invest in programs we will provide to children in impoverished neighborhoods. We create volunteer opportunities for MaKaKids so they can broaden their perspective and challenge themselves to think globally. We will take donations (LEGO®, tech toys, old cellphones, notebooks, etc.) and send them to Tanzania.

We provide workshops to reach out to kids who do not have opportunity to learn. Contact us for details.


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