All Star Baseball Academy


All Star Academy offers training in both team and individual arenas in both baseball and softball. Individuals hitting in our cages, taking private lessons, joining our camps and clinics or working out in our strength and conditioning program, can develop their personal excellence. Players will become better, faster, more agile, and work toward realizing their potential all in preparation for team play.

One of the challenges of youth baseball is that in the setting of the rapid growth of adolescence and the increasing pressures of competition, surgery rates are increasing. Appropriate training can help turn the tide. The competitive player needs training not only in individual baseball skills (hitting, pitching, fielding, and game play), but also needs training designed for injury prevention. Good mechanics and pitch counts help young pitchers stay healthy but between game throwing programs and off season arm strengthening go further.

All Star Academy always wants to go further, to get to the next level as a company, so we strive not only to stay current in baseball training techniques, but to continually analyze and improve our approach to keep our players healthier, stronger, more competitive, and able to achieve personal and team excellence.


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