WizAcademy - Fun, Live, Online Learning

WizAcademy offers engaging and fun online courses in a wide variety of subjects for children between the ages of 8 and 14. Our offerings range from academically-focused classes to extracurricular enrichment where a wide range of interests can be explored. Some options include coding, photography, drawing, financial literacy, virtual travel, public speaking, physics, and writing. All are fun and meticulously designed to hone talents, develop strengths, build confidence and learn new skills. What makes us different is our quality curriculum that focuses on building an inquisitive, problem-solving mindset, broadening horizons, stretching the mind, cultivating a love for learning and doing it all in a fun, interactive and collaborative way. Our live classes run by passionate and experienced mentors are full of debate, discussion, learning, doing and fun. We all know that the best learning outcomes happen when children are captivated and enjoying themselves. WizAcademy strives to provide that platform where learning becomes joy.

We offer week-long classes throughout the summer (June 8, 2020 through August 14, 2020). The 90-minute classes meet Mondays through Fridays, with options offered throughout the day to fit your schedule. Learn more at www.wizacademy.com.


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