The Westgate Cabana Club has been a great place to swim, meet your neighbors, and host parties since 1962. We have a set of Pool Rules to help everyone safely enjoy the pool while respecting other guests and the municipal laws.

The skills to test out of each level at Westgate Cabana Club are listed below. Students are to be assessed for correct placement on the first day of lessons, and reassessed on the last.

  • Level 1 - Beginner Lessons
  • Level 2 - Introductions to the Fundamentals of Swimming
  • Level 3 - Water Safety and Intermediate Technique
  • Level 4 - Stroke Development
  • Level 5 - Advanced Fundamentals of Swimming
  • Level 6 - Swim Clinic: Stroke and Technique Analysis
    • ​Butterfly
    • Backstroke
    • ​Breaststroke
    • Freestyle

Financial assistance is available in exchange for volunteer hours. Contact us for details.


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