Visionary Arts is a professional art studio for students age 4 through adult.

Our mission is to not only teach students traditional realistic art techniques and skills, but also inspire and coach students to observe and analyze the world around them. Students will gain knowledge in composition, color theory, value (shading), proportions and perspectives. We also inspire and guide students to use these learned skills in their artistic expression.

Our goal is to develop the next generation creative thinkers and leaders in all fields through art education. We encourage students to get involved in their communities and use their artistic talents to make a difference in the world.

We are proud that many of our students have participated in and won national and international children’s art competitions, such as Peace Pal, Environmental, Human Rights, Wild Animal conservation art contests and so on. We are also proud that many of our high school students have been accepted by prestigious universities, such as Stanford, UC Berkeley, UCLA, Rhode Island School of Design, California Institute of the Arts for both art and design fields (such as architectural design, industrial design, graphic design, animation, illustration, fine art) and non-art related fields (such as engineering, business, and pre-med).


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