San Jose Batting Cages


San Jose Batting Cages is a collaboration of Mike Mak & Coach Wayne Taylor to help provide the finest experience for the player, regardless of age or skill level while honing your skills in baseball or softball. Coach Wayne’s credentials include being the head coach of Santa Teresa & Oak Grove High School, and also coaching a USA Baseball Junior’s team. Mike on the other hand is just a parent who was looking for the best possible option to help his child succeed in the game he’s been playing since the age of 5.

San Jose Batting Cages is the premier indoor batting cage facility located in Silicon Valley. Our equipment is also calibrated and maintained weekly to ensure you have the best experience possible. Whether you are looking for some pitches to take from our automated batting cages or looking for some live pitching batting practice.

Our facilities includes, indoor softball, and baseball cages. We have 10 lanes available for pitching practices and 6 Iron Mike batting cages with speeds from 45MPH-65MPH.